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These are the biggest fetishes in sex

There are definitely some movements, objects, body parts that make men and women more passionate about sex. But what are they? Italian researchers decided to give an answer to this question and did the relevant study.

Researchers from the University of Bologna in Italy contacted more than 5,000 people electronically, dividing them into 381 sub-discussion groups on various topics related to sex, such as occult sexual fantasies and fetishes.

The results, published in the International Journal of Impotence Research: The Journal of Sexual Medicine, showed that 47% of participants had a sex fetish on the feet or toes of their sexual partners. 64%, ie 2 out of 3, said that their high heels and big boots are sexually arousing.

Of course, there were the strangest answers. 150 participants said they considered hearing aids to be a very sexy item, while two women admitted that pacemakers make them think about sex. The answers also included stethoscopes and catheters!

Other items that participants considered a sex fetish were:

Underwear – 12% 

Body muscle – 5%.

Hair – 7%

Tattoos – 4%

Navel and breasts – 3% 

Mouth, lips and buttocks – 2%

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