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What is a Fetish Coach / Fetish Coaching?

Anyone can join the chosen association, just pay.

There are also organizations such as RENACOP which requires continuous updates to be registered.

In fact, no specific preparation is needed .

What is the difference between psychologist and psychiatrist?

The Psychologist is a Graduate person with a specialization in a specific field, he cannot prescribe drugs, the psychiatrist has a further specialization than the psychologist and can write drugs and his prescriptions and evaluations have a legal value.

What is the difference between Psychologist and Coach?

The psychologist is a person who listens to you within paths that can last for years.

A coach does not need to know the details of the problem,  it helps you understand how you can get from point A to point B in the shortest possible time, bringing out the best in you, setting measurable and achievable goals .

What is the fetish coach?

The Fetish Coach is the mentor who is already part of the fetish world , and the last thing you could think is to be judged, he is a person who experiences sexuality or part of it exactly like you , regardless of the role, this makes you feel understood and in tune, because we start from a common basis which is precisely fetishism .

With your trusted Fetish Coach you can achieve specific goals and overcome limits that go beyond fetishism, in real life. 

Why should I rely on fetish coaching?

Given the fact that the the fetish is something that you have in the DNA you find out for child or adult, is never a fault, it is a natural inclination.

For a fetishist to rely on the best Fetish Coach is a tremendous opportunity to solve in a serene some daily conflicts , to improve their lives talking in total freedom without fear of judgment.

Many think that to be happy the people around them should change the mentality… but are you really sure?

How to choose the right fetish coach for you?

Your Fetish Coach:

– is a person capable of confronting you without making you feel judged

– puts you in a position to get the best out of yourself with what are your resources and potential

– helps you discover your talents – is being able to attract your attention in a delicate way when it realizes that you are sabotaging yourself and helps you understand how to overcome the obstacle by speaking your own language

– Help other women bring out their FemDom side

– it’s a mix between a best friend to whom you can entrust your most intimate secrets and fears , and a mistress who tells you exactly what to do without the possibility of delaying.

What can I talk to a Fetish Coach about?

The reasons for choosing a Fetish Coach are different, the main ones are:

Relationships (what mistakes to avoid, how to choose the right person, attitude)

Work (how to choose the job you deserve starting from a good CV moving on to tools like Linkedin, find your talent)

Finance (if you are a manager how can you improve your turnover?)

Communication (use of feedback within a relationship or with collaborators to improve the working environment, or how to talk to your partner about your passion without guilt)

Time management (“Stop saying I don’t have time!” You can do everything, with small tricks …)

Study ( how to take an exam in 7 days . You can do it!

Maybe you are an architect who does not have the time to study and you just miss that last exam that would allow you to set up on your own and be able to earn more, simply by putting your signature on projects …)

Why choose Feticciosa as a Fetish Coach?

From 2017 to today I have learned, experimented and demonstrated my personality, seriousness and empathy in the fetish world, just ask in the forums to those who met me, even after years people speak positively about me as a person, regardless of the smell of feet.

In recent years I have studied and  applied experimental psychology and personal growth, deepening themes that I will reveal later.

They are everything I wrote above.

I decided to become your Fetish Coach because I don’t need to ask you what you need, I already know!

If you call this presumption, I can confirm that it is experience .

And think you can do all this by licking my feet!

Or arguing on cam with your eyes on my feet .

A true and total sub / dom relationship.

Trust me .

If you want Fetish as  your Fetish Coach write me an email now to:

fetish live snail dot it

with fetish coach object and of course a presentation. 😉

We are what we think.

If you think you are a person who can be happy in life and you can feel free to live your sexuality in a satisfying way, smelling the smells you love so much, feeling the thrill that goes through your back and reaches your brain and goes down … without I check when you see that foot you love so much, hearing the noise of the nylon rubbing on your nose without any kind of judgment or fear, it will be the result you will get.

If you think you will always be miserable and no one will ever understand you, it will be exactly the kind of life you will live, misunderstood .

You can be happy by livingyour passion as a fetishist serenely , beingtotally devoted to someone in your private life , enjoying and loving unconditionally, reducing yourself to a real doormat , and then in everyday life being a manager with considerable responsibility.

You can improve your professional results , and communication with the people around you, also having the time to live your passions.

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