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Foot Lust: Everything You Need To Know About Celebrity Fetish

Foot lust or pedophilia, foot fetish or lower extremity worship, as you may have heard and formulated it, is the most common form of sexual fetishism without the use of sexual aids or body parts and is mainly of interest to men. It concerns the intense erotic desire mainly for the feet and toes and is also scientifically proven.

For the sake of truth, find out how, researchers from the University of Bologna revealed that the feet cause the greatest sexual attraction in a percentage that reaches 47%. Their “partners”, shoes, boots as well as socks – tights are first on the list of fetishes, at a rate that reaches 64%!

Did he note that Sigmund Freud – the well-known physiologist and psychiatrist – considered the fetish of greed as a binding form of fetishism?

More detail:

Fans of the lower extremities are divided into two categories. The purely fetish footballers who worship the extremities as “animate objects” that is, they derive pleasure from the specific part of the body.

The second category includes the obedient – slaves, who find satisfaction in the fact that they submit under the feet of a woman – a woman.

Δο foot slaves are pleased when their “lady” steps on them even if her heels are pointed. It’s basically like they say to her: “I deserve to be kicked by your feet”. If the “slave” carries out his “job”, the woman, as a reward, carries out all his sexual desires.

Punishment – reward has no limits, imagination rages and choices are a matter of preference.

Foot fetishists are at every level of society.

The greed of the famous director Quentin Tarantino is visible in his films. Attractive women appear with their feet exposed or accidentally paint their toenails or pass by the screen in their high heels… If you think of the movie “Kill Bill” you will have noticed his muse, Uma Thurman , to appears barefoot.

Also, Miranda Ker had confided in interview for Orlando Bloom : «I’m manic with my nails and I mean not only the nails of hands and feet. Orlando has an issue with that. “She has a foot fetish.”

Nowadays, foot lust has been exonerated, it has developed and the female feet are the ultimate fetish and it is not exclusively about submissive BDSM.

Be aware that, painted nails as well as velvet heels are attractions for a foot fetishist. The same goes for foot jewelry (rings on the toes and bracelets on the ankles) and star in the fantasies of a football fan.

If you are wondering about the size .. Does it matter or not?

This is probably the first time we can say… no with certainty!

What 37 what 42…! Neither the size of the foot nor the length of the toes can play an essential role, also, there is no “rule” for a fetishist because tastes are subjective!


The smell of the limbs has exactly the same meaning as the smell of the genitals. It is imperative that their cleaning be done thoroughly and daily.

In short:

Foot lusts are stimulated by the feet which are used as a preliminary behavior and often replace the sexual act. Why is this happening;

The feet are extremely sensitive and give pleasure to both partners, for them, intercourse starts from… feet!

The true foot fetishist, loves the lower extremities. They are either naked or in a shoe or wearing nylon socks. To reach orgasm he licks, sucks, rubs the object of his desire. Commonly called podophiliac.

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