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For some time open ankles and feet, especially those of women, were considered indecent. However, as time goes by, nothing seems to change. Foot fetish is becoming a new normal. To learn more, consider taking a look at the following features, which will give you a detailed overview of what you need to know about this type of dating.

Focus on a particular object

Unlike other forms of dating where the focus of the party can be on the characters, the feelings, and the sex, this type of dating primarily attracts the feelings of those inside. When the two partners are sitting together, the chances of them crossing their feet or even rubbing their feet are high. They know the impact the feeling has on them.

A different way of gratification

In foot fetish, the parties have a different way of turning each other on. Sometimes they stimulate each other just by looking at their feet and touching them with their hands. To some extent, some caress their genitals. Plus, licking is also a common way to get satisfaction in this form of dating. Therefore, the way people get excited is unique.

You will find that most sites have excellent features designed to make dating more accessible and exciting. Here are the main features of the dating platform that each member can take advantage of.

Foot Fetish Dating Chat

As a user of these sites, you can rest assured that you will be able to connect with your loved one as frequently as possible. Messaging is, however, a feature common to all dating sites that the user can actively message and chat with a new connection. However, with advances in technology, many dating sites are adopting the latest features for users, such as video chat options.

Profile configuration

There is nothing better than knowing that you can upload your favorite photo to a site and use it to set it on your profile. Plus, enjoying the freedom to set your bio as perfect as possible allows you to be outstanding in the crowd. You can easily set up your profile with foot fetish dating sites as this feature is enabled.

Privacy features

Almost all sites have a privacy feature. However, if you find yourself in the right foot fetish dating site, you will likely enjoy a highly integrated level of privacy. Therefore, deciding to join any of the sites shouldn’t make you worry about who will see what you say with your partner. Your privacy and that of your partner is guaranteed. Confidentiality is a key feature of the sites.

Compatible app

Another feature that makes foot fetish dating sites stand out is the ability of users to have the apps on their phones. An added benefit is that the applications are compatible with the user’s phones and tablets. Therefore, there is no need to log into a site as you can use an app that is easier to use and at the same time easier to install.

Professionals related to encounters with foot fetishism

In addition to its lesser popularity, foot fetish dating has had some substantial positive impacts, especially on the parties involved.

Feel at home

As a foot fetishist, you may silently suffer from deep emotions of loneliness. Such feelings can be the result of the lack of someone who can truly understand the way you feel. In such situations, not even your family members can understand you. However, after getting into a foot fetish date, you will be able to explain to your partner how you feel. Having a partner who understands you will always make you feel at home and you will never be stressed again.

Help save time

Being with a foot fetish partner will soon let you know your purpose. For example, when you go out, you spend most of your time doing what you love rather than when you are with someone who is not a fetish. This fact will save both of you the time you spend on a date.

Plus, there’s no need to go out on blind dates trying to figure out the right guy for you because foot fetishists aren’t easy to find compared to other people who like different forms of dating.

The joy of having such a mind

Knowing that you are with someone you share the same ideas and thoughts with is excellent. It will make you both feel satisfied with each other. Plus, it’ll make you feel comfortable every time you go on a date. The feeling of having someone admire your feet is lovely. You can picture both of you sitting, and then boom, feel a play on your feet. It’s nice.

Also, women have claimed that dating a guy with foot fetishes is great, here are some of the perks that made them say he’s adorable.

Free Massage:

Often, people spend a lot of money on massage services to get that good feeling. But in the free encounters with foot fetish, the massage will be offered to you for free. Guys are good at it.

Adult Speech:

Having a guy who can get comfortable rubbing your feet like a lady when you’re together will make you feel open to sexual conversations. From such discussions, you will not only enjoy yourself, but you will get to know each other better than before.

Increase sexual interactions:

Through the sense of touch on the sensitive part of the feet, the rubbing of the feet will make a woman feel aroused and sexually attached, thus creating a better room for deeper intimacy. Meeting a guy with a foot fetish is the absolute coolest thing.

Above are, then, some of the positives of engaging in foot fetish dating.


Whatever is good, of course, must be wrong. Likewise, this type of dating is also associated with the cons outlined below:


Activities involved in free foot fetish dating are addictive. The more you do it to the other party, the more it will become a norm in the relationship. Also, depending on the intensity, foot fetish can affect your inner thoughts and end up ruining a percentage of your mind.

Stay away from shoes

Once you are a foot fetishist, your passion for wearing your favorite footwear will be inhibited because your partner may be turned off when you wear shoes. So, in order for the relationship to grow, you will have to sacrifice your closed shoes.

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